2006 Race Reports
Spa 30th April 2006
Here are a few notes from some of our SRGT contingent at Spa:

"Good bit and bad bits. Weather was cold with a sprinkling of snow, sleet and hail.

Practice was dry but cold, Mike W qualified 2nd, I qualified 5th, Mike S was 26th.

The race was 1st in the morning on a wet track with light rain initially which artily dried as the race progressed. Mike W led finitely till a front body support rod came loose and tangled in his pedals forcing 4 difficult laps till the pit stop window when he was able to come in to get it pulled out, then managed to get back up to second overall. Mike S ran well and finished well up though cant remember the exact position. I had a spin cresting Eau Rouge and the front bodywork damage was to severe to continue, I am hoping to get it back in driveable form for Donnington -although it might not look pretty."

Roger Donnan - Hawk Stratos

"A great weekend, really fabulous.

The Spa weather didn't let us down, as usual we had the expected mixed bag. Over the 3 days we saw the lot! Mind you when the sun peaked out it was glorious for 20 seconds at a time!

Mike had a great qualifying and was 2nd on the grid to a Morgan and was looking mighty focused despite having a slight oil leak scare when the covers came off in the morning.

My Elan was running beautifully, no misfire problems and was stoked for my first race on this great track.

As Rog said earlier the track was rather damp for the first half of the race which caught him out as he crested Eau Rouge. Great shame as he was looking good to finish high.

There was one safety car sequence when a TR6 went off hard at the same scene of Roger's crime. I took this chance to pit for my mandatory minute I think just before Mike who was having his rod removed by doctor on the scene Graham Turner. After a quick wipe of my screen I was out again thoroughly enjoying the drying track and my tussles with MG's and Capri's. The Elan just ran sweet as a nut and rewarded me with 16th overall and 3rd in class. To say I was chuffed was an understatement!

When I came in I saw Mike lined up in 2nd spot and heard later that he was pushing to take the lead on the last lap at the bus stop when he spun it! Luckily he kept his position to recover and take the 2nd podium spot. Well done mate!

All in all I think the honor of the SRGTC was well upheld, I certainly left with a great desire to return once more to one of the all time classic tracks.

Many thanks to Graham Turner who tirelessly offered help and encouragement when it was needed. I hope you managed to get all of Mike's oil out your hair in the end!"

Michael Shoobridge - Lotus Elan

"As Michael has said, Spa was fabulous, but so very different from the September meeting. The weather certainly through everything at us but never in huge amounts. The camaraderie was great and perhaps Michael you will say another thankyou to Elaine for the very early and welcome teas. Thanks to you both for getting the BBQ sorted. etc, Has she still got my gloves ??

You all did well, and that Elan of yours is certainly on song now. I hope Roger can get that flying Stratos finished OK and as for Mike ....

Well, he really was the winner despite the front support rod problem and that horrendously fast spin... Bloomin Crossle is like a roller skate on steroids and speed !

For me, another highlight, was going round the rest of the old circuit ............ now i understand fully how Siffert and Rodriguez were able to achieve average speeds of 160+ including the hairpin etc....

Fabulous. I think I,ll take the road legal Gulf 40 to race there in September and then I can take passengers on the old circuit and fees can go to the SRGT... In my dreams !"

Graham Turner - Porsche 917



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