Race Report Brands Hatch 16th April 2011
After writing race reports for 3 years I got bored and stopped, so these post-race updates are intended to be a collection of news, views and gossip from the paddock. Brands Hatch went like this…

Charles BestSunshine and lots of visitors; if only they had brought their cars! However, feedback on this is promising. Tim Falce came to support and take photos and reports that his car is in pieces but he will be out with us this season, and also that Ken Paton, who has already registered his D-Type, is nearly ready now. Barry Sheppard, also registered, is back from racing his Nomad in South Africa and will be joining us, sharing the drive with son Guy. The Nomad is my absolute favourite SRGT car. Paul Richardson intends to have his new car ready for Snetterton. He sold his Ginetta, now being raced with us by Ian Reed, to build a Taydec, which is now mysteriously a Lotus 23 replica. (Maybe John Suckling’s seen Transformers, or did he have all the right bits, but not necessarily in the right order?) Come and find out at Snetterton. Ex-SRGT driver Vic Nutter came to see us; he started his GT40 up the other day, but I don’t think he’ll be coming out to play. Nice to see him though. I saw him chatting with Mark Bowd, who is having a tough time; after missing Mallory (unbalanced flywheel) he tested at Brands on Friday and caught fire… He’s wisely decided that Cadwell isn’t the best place for a first race in a GT40 and is planning on getting a bit more track time before Snetterton.

Paul Morgan was a late entry in his G20, and he, Mick, Robert and Max have all registered. Unfortunately they can’t get to Cadwell but some or all hope to be with us after that.

Other news on future additions to the grid: Cheng ran into some of the Cobra boys on Sunday and 2 of them will be registering and racing – not sure when, possibly Cadwell. John Suckling will be out in a Taydec, we are waiting for Mike Walker to get his licence sorted out, and we will also soon have newcomer Clive with a Crossle. He has asked for a race number so I take that as a commitment!

This being said, I think our numbers for Cadwell may still be low, but I know some cars are definitely racing there. Cheng and I will be there to support, but without the Cobra (back on the track at Snett). Last season the pattern was the same; we had about 4 cars at the first 2 meetings, Snetterton and Anglesey (which was the best weekend of the year by the way – weather, scenery, track, racing, all fantastic) and then it picked up and our numbers became quite respectable. I feel cautiously optimistic for Snetterton, so if you’re dithering, come and race!

Paul MorganCombining our grid with the Kits is working out better than I could have hoped. Cheng started his race career with them in the 80s, when the Palladin Shield was still in the planning stage and there wasn’t any other option. (The ACs weren’t exactly keen on having fake snakes beating their Cobras in Intermarque). In those days the Kits were rather a motley crew, but even then there were some serious cars; Cheng’s first races were with Lee Noble driving his Ultima. But there were some rather odd cars on the grid.J Nowadays the kits are well prepared, well driven and quick cars, with high driving standards. I really like that Eclipse – a very fast, very pretty car. Our cars are mixing well with them and finding people to spar with. Check out the Brands Hatch results and you’ll get the picture. Unfortunately Martin had to retire the Taydec (mechanical failure) and Cheng developed a slow puncture during the race. A good looking race though, and everyone was kept busy.

See you at Cadwell. Tea and coffee will be available but if we can’t hook up to power we may need to resort to a kettle.

Reminder: if you qualify but for some reason can’t race, please tell Chris or Keri in the office so they can notify Race Control, or ask me to do so. This saves trouble for the marshals in the assembly area. Thanks.

Best wishes


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