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The following are some of the rogues gallery of SR&GT series racers! We are a friendly bunch and the racing is competitive but always fair. New members are always welcome. You can contact many of the drivers to get more information, at our dedicated online forum.

Richard Abels  

Richard and Barbara Abels campaign Richard's Challenger E-Type in class B. Richard built the car himself and does all the work on it too. Richard drives it very consistently with very few non-finishes. He and Graham Paddick even shared the car last year at the Donington celebrations of 40th anniversary of the E-type and beat fellow competitor, a certain Sir Stirling Moss!

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John Arnold  

Often found alongside Justin is John Arnold, a stalwart of the series.  John is a leading instructor at Mallory Park and has had a key role in getting series participants their ARDS qualification and hence racing licences.  John's 6'4" stature and loud distinctive laugh means everybody knows when he is in the pits!  2001 was not such a great year for John because of ill running of his D-type.  It did earn John the title of fastest 5 cylinder Jaguar though!

Charles Best  

I built the car (Westfield Eleven) in 2007 aiming to have fun on the road at "sensible" speeds. Drove it to Le Mans a couple of times and to Angouleme for the Circuit des Remparts. From there it went to track days, and then hillclimbs. But hillclimbs didn't seem to offer very good value in terms of minutes per . So I slipped inevitably towards the money pit that is motor racing, partly inspired by seeing the Wilkinson's Eleven racing in SR> in 2009. Like most SR>'ers I built the car myself and do all my own maintenance and preparation. I also drive to and from events (so far), including Spa in 2011 (40 mpg on a run, but only 10mpg when racing). Just like they did in the '50's. I've never circuit raced before but did do strange things competitively with Land Rovers in the early '80's. Not quite the same thing, I'm finding. Might explain why I prefer to run on historic crossplies though, instead of sticky modern tyres. Just about to start my second hopefully full season and I am loving racing with SR>. Hoping we get some more Class D cars out there to race against. I'm also developing a bad case of motorhome and trailer envy...but money being what it is I've bought some new waterproof overtrousers instead.

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Myles Castaldini  

Having run in the SRGTC since 1998 in a Ginetta G15 and then a Mk7 Davrian Myles is having a 'year out' running as second driver in an FIA Jaguar E-type and a Crossle 9S. However, now that he has sold the Mk7 Davrian work will continue on his next racer - project 'Pink Panther' which he hopes to have up and running by the end of 2007 ready to compete in 2008.

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Andrew Chalmers  

Andrew began racing at the end of 2004 with 750MC Roadsports in a Porsche 944 Turbo, so 2005 has been his first full year of racing. Starting the season with Roadsports in the 944, Andrew switched to a Porsche 911 and the SR & GT series mid year. This is a '77 RS type spec, the car has previously raced in 750MC Roadsports, AMOC Intermarque, and SCCA racing in the USA.

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Ken Culverwell  

(Also known as "Cuddly Ken"!) 2001 Overall winner, Ken has been class ‘C’ winner since joining the challenge in 1998. Ken ran an Eleven in Kit cars with the 750 mc then moved to the Jaguar car clubs Centurions Challenge for 3 years, three class wins up to 2ltr and 2nd overall in 2000. Ken's Lotus 23 has now been replaced with a new Mamba C23R - 2ltr Ford Duratec engine, VAG 5 speed trans axle. Ken is looking forward to running in class ‘B’ in 2006.

Ken Culverwell
John Dickson  
New to the series and racing John completed his ARDS in July 2005 with his first competitive race at Brand in the rain! The car a Ram cobra with a bored and stroked ford V8 is not new to the series it was previously owned by Michael Shoobridge however it has had a change of colour the result of an off at Lydden in 2005. Intending to compete in as many races as possible he can be seen in the paddock supported by his wife Kathryn and two young children. John Dickson
Roger Donnan  
Dr Roger Donnan has owned his Stratos replica for many years, even using it on his 'rounds' around Berkshire. With a view to going circuit racing. Roger entered the BRSCC Auto Italia series in an Alfa 33 as way of learning the ropes. After winning the series, Roger competed with the Stratos in Le Mans Motorsport series before moving into the Sports Racing & GT Challenge. For 2006, Roger's Hawk HF3000 has been updated to the 24-valve Alfa Romeo engine from the 12-valve version. The slightly improved power should help Roger to 'up his game' and continue battling in Class C in 2006. Roger Donnan
Clinton Dorrell  

After 20 years of racing oval circuits, Clinton decided to alter his course to circuit racing. He has many titles under his bonnet such UK British Sprint Car Champion, runner up British Grand Prix Midget Champion and finished 4th in the European Championships. He traveled to New Zealand as a member of the World Championship winning team also in the Sprint Cars. From the age of 16 he raced both F1 F2 stock cars with many race victories. Clinton now races the 540 bhp GD427 and is sponsored by his family business Peter Dorrell Co, (sports hall floor refurbishers), Tengtools and Granwax Products.

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Rob Downey  

Rob is now in his fifth season with the SRGTC, with a RAM SEC Trophy R powered by a Ford V8 408ci Stroker (6700cc) producing 500 bhp and 500+ft lb torque, weighing in at less than 900Kg to get the benefit of the SRGTC power to weight rules in class. In Robs own words, "I feel the SRGTC has come a long way in the past 3 years with the refinement of the rules but still keeping the friendly atmosphere and social circle that the SRGTC is known for, it really is a lets all muck in and get it sorted series" Rob's wife and 3 children support him at every meeting.

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Nigel Edwards  

I started racing back in the late 80's in Formula First, FF1600 and FF2000 before running out of money and enthusiasm having now realised that I would have to work hard for a living and my prospects of being signed up by McLaren were rather limited. Started racing again with a Formula Renault in 2003 and immensely enjoyed myself. With a little encouragement from Mike Walker I bought a Crossle 9S in April 2006 and started the gentile pursuit of sportscar racing.
After having the car completely re-built over the winter I am hoping for greater reliability in 2007.

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Tim Falce  

Tim has owned his D-type replica since 1994 taking him a couple of years to build. He decided to go racing when the JEC started the Proteus series in the late nineties. His first race was in 2001 at Brands Hatch. His best results were in 2002 at Lydden an outright win. In 2006 he finished first in class at every race with the SRGTC series. The car has undergone numerous upgrades to make it as it is today.

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Justin Fleming  

Justin is a key contender for Class B. campaigned his pure white D-type for three years and gained a reputation for his enthusiasm and keenness both on and off the track.

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Dave Hughes  

Having spent many years repairing cars I decided to try motor racing. I passed my A.R.D.S. course at Silverstone in 2005, purchased a Crossle 9S and was ready for the 2006 season. In my first race at Silverstone I had a slight disagreement with the pit wall. I rebuilt the car and made steady improvements on my lap times throughout the year culminating in Driver of the Day award at the Donington Park Trophy meeting. As the other half of T.A.R.T. (The Armthorpe Racing Teams) I am hoping to make improvements in the season to come.

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Jon Jeffery  

Jon first raced Silverstone in 1978 and right through the 80s. Then missed about 15 years before making a comeback in 2004.. He Raced in Modsports,GTs,Thundersaloons,GpA saloons,Prod saloons etc.. Another 6ft 4 ins man, who, when unfolding from a Davrian creates a few smiles. Winner of Class D in 2005, and of various other titles over the years, Claim to fame - chasing Denny Hulme round Bathurst in the 85 James Hardie 1000. (Yes, really)

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Jerry Knight  

Jerry used to be a warbirds display pilot, ex motorcycle racer, ballet dancer and jam doughnut tester. This is his first season racing cars and he drives a D-type Jaguar. Jerry wants to compete in as many races as possible in 2007. His ambition is to finish first in class but realises he is far too portly be successful in his task.

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Henry Lawson  

Henry Lawson competes in the SRGT with a 600 horsepower Lister Chevrolet. The car enjoyed several second place finishes in 2002 but Henry is still seeking the elusive win in this car. He started racing in 2000 and took the Class B title in 2001 with his D-type Jaguar after some memorable races. Henry also competes in the Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge in a Ferrari 355 Challenge car and at a top speed of 20mph in veteran car events in his MMC.

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Cheng Lim  

The man who won the series in 1998, 1999 and 2000 is Cobra specialist Cheng Lim was born in Singapore and has spent his career in the component car industry, having been a development engineer for LR Roadsters, makers of the RAM Cobras and D-Types sprinkled through the SRGTC grid. Cheng now runs Thunder Road Cars, specialising in a range of special projects including finishing Cobra projects for those without time to complete. Cheng's Cobra has been timed at 13.8 seconds 0-100-0 by Autocar and currently runs a 6.6litre small block Chevrolet engine.

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Graham Paddick  

Graham Paddick has been a lifetime sportsman having played Rugby until his 50th birthday and it is therefore not surprising to find him still running 2 or 3 races in a day in one of his two cars - a very fast Jaguar powered Kougar and a nimble Lotus 23. Even in the friendly SR & GTC paddock, Graham stands out as one of the most cheerful and friendliest competitors.

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Ken Paton  

A retired engineer, Ken built his D-type replica himself in the late nineties as a road car. Sometime in 2002 it suddenly dawned that he was racing a road car (XJS) and driving a racing car on the road! So out went the XJS and the D-type took to the track. Initially it was slow, but with some serious tinkering in the garage at home it improved dramatically to challenge for the lead of class D in 2003. That was followed by a winter rebuild which took most of the first half of 2004, but the car ran well winning the Class championship in the JEC Powered By series in 2005. Ken hopes to compete in as many rounds as possible in 2006.

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Gwyn Pollard  

Apart from a handful of races in a Lotus Europa S2 in the early '90s, and some years competing in 100cc karts with Club100 (strongly recommended for racers on a minimal budget) the SR> series is my first experience of racing. As a big fan of '60s and '70s sports racing cars, the Crossle 9S seemed ideal, and having pored over all the magazine track tests and articles years ago, it was a big day when I went to collect the car from Scotland, where it had been winning championships for its previous owner. I've found the Crossle to be an exciting but forgiving car to drive, and the Challenge to be a great series full of friendly and encouraging competitors, so I'm very pleased I took the plunge.

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Andy Reeves  

Even now at the age of 48 Andy still gets goose pimples at the sight and sound of a sports/racer .Racing on circuits since1988 Andy has participated in various formulae. Starting with a raffo kit car and more recently his esprit S1 in 70s historic sportscars Andy can be expected to produce some giant killing with the unique Dulon GT currently fitted with a 1600 twin cam ford.The Dulon is the only one built and so has not been easy to renovate having been inactive since 1974.However the job is nearly done and will be an unusual addition to the SRGT field.

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John Rutter (aka - Rutthenut!)  
I built this replica of the Lancia Stratos as a fast road car in 1995 with a view to doing some track days with it. I did a couple of sprints in 1996 and followed this with a full season of speed events in 1997. A few enhancements to the car and then I went circuit racing in the BRSCC Auto Italia series for a couple of years, competing against Alfa, Lancia, Fiat and Ferrari racers. Now, in 2006, I will be racing this car in the SRGTC, where I aim to compete directly with Roger Donnan, who has the same car to a similar spec. It'll be good to get on the circuit again, with a great surrounding of interesting cars and friendly people. Let's hope I can still deliver some results! John Rutter
Michael Shoobridge  

After racing a 450Bhp Cobra for 5 years in the series, Michael now races a 1969 FIA Lotus Elan in the slightly less thunderous but equally challenging class D. Having worked for 10 years in Frankfurt Germany as an Architect Michael doesn't need to travel quite so far to race as he used to now that he's settled back in the UK. The friendships made and the good spirited racing encountered in the series motivates him to keep turning up when work commitments allow. Michael is a big fan of 60's British Sports Cars and also owns an Austin Healey 3000 in which he enters Historic Rallies.

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Nick Taylor  

Nick Taylor has competed in the series since 1989. During that time he has competed in 'C' and 'D' Type Jaguars, Lister Jaguar, Lola T70 and Cobras. Usually a front-runner, Nick has been a class or outright winner of the series on a number of occasions. Having been a former Gardner Douglas 'works' driver with some considerable success, Nick retains a link with them by competing in the former road car belonging to GD customers Ian and Karen Hargrave from Armthorpe. Enthusiastically prepared and maintained by Ian and Karen under the T.A.R.T. racing banner, the car is standard GD 'euro' specification with upgraded brakes, engine and gearbox and features an interesting and unusual violet colour scheme which makes it easy to spot on the circuit!

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Team Taylor (Trevor & son, Alex)  

Father and son teams are not unusual in the SR&GTC with Team Taylor carrying the distinctive yellow livery.  The team is led by father Trevor Taylor in his beautiful GT 40, whilst son Alex runs a 2 litre Alfa Romeo engined Lotus 23 - at most circuits the pair are very evenly matched and have some great races - Alex comments "Dad is always faster on the straights but the Lotus handles very well and wherever it is tight he gets rather upset to see me right behind him or off in front.  If I can qualify well, as happened at Brands this year, I generally beat him to it. 

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Andy Todd  

Raised within 3 miles of the Crossle factory in Northern Ireland, Andy Todd drives a 9S. 2006 was his first year of circuit racing, having bought the car as an impulse purchase the previous year. Andy has a passion of classic two and 4 wheel racing machinery. Before career and marriage took precedence he sprinted a 1972 Morgan Plus 8 which he still has today.

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Graham Turner  

Graham Turner returned to racing in 2000 after a long break.... 1975 to be precise! After three years of racing the reliable GT40 in a "road trim" set up, Graham is gearing up for the 2006 season with his new mount, the fearsome Porsche 917K. The 917 is purely an outright racer with no creature comforts, and he will not be driving this beast on the road to the circuits and race, as he sometimes used to do with the GT40. Once again he will be flying the Flag for Gulf Oil UK and hopes that both cars will be out racing together at some events.

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Mike Walker  

Mike Walker has been racing Porsches for longer than he will admit, and has found the SR & GTC series a constant source of pleasure - pitching his highly tuned 911 against the mighty V8's. On shorter circuits and in the wet, Mike's experience at controlling the Porsche pays dividends and he can finish very high in the running. Mike won the 2005 series in his Crossle 9s running in class b.

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