Getting to the Discussion Forum

To participate in the new forum you will need to register with Ten-Tenths Motorsport Forums here Of course any of you who are already members can just carry on to the next bit. Click where it says Register which is on the left side of the lower of the two blue menu bars and just above where it says Website News. Follow the instructions and register to open an account with them. One point that has been brought up when registering is the section regarding referrals. Either leave it blank or add my Ten Tenths screen name which is falcemob. Those with Hotmail and possibly AOL email addresses may have to contact me to register as the forum sometimes doesn't accept these ISPs.

Next bit

When you have done that you need to follow the next lot of instructions......

You need to go to your Control Panel (CP) by clicking My CP which will be located in more or less the same place as the register button was. When you click on My CP your control panel will appear.

On the left hand side of your CP is a list of items in a box, near the bottom under Miscellaneous there is one called Group Memberships. Click on that and you should be able to see a list of groups you can join, the SRGTC one is near the bottom, click the "Join Group" bullet to the right and then click the Join Group button in the centre and I will be sent the request to give you permission to join. It will also ask why you want to join, please add your name so I know who you are, otherwise I might not let you in. After I have authorised your membership you will be able to see the SRGTC forum in the discussion forum panel in the Saloon and Sports Car Racing heading and then post in it, don't confuse it with the Sportscar & GT Racing forum, ours is at the bottom of the list..

As usual if you get any problems then email me here and I'll try and walk you through it. Unfortunately I am unable to set your memberships as I used to so you will all have to be brave and try yourselves. The upside of this is that you will have all the advantages of being able to communicate with like minded racers on all the other forums (or maybe fora) provided by Ten-Tenths.

When you are all done, links to the new forum are here and on the Home page.

Updated Some of you are joining and then trying to log on via the registration page, this wont work and you need to go into the forum via the link on menu bar on the srgtc.org.uk site, this is the link http://www.ten-tenths.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=102

It may be a good idea to copy and paste the link to your favourites.


Tim Falce


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