Race Report Mallory April 3rd 2011
Thanks to all who came to race and support at Mallory Park yesterday. It was an enjoyable start to the season. Welcome to newcomer Ian Reed who has bought Paul Richardson’s well-prepared G20. Paul, where are you with your new Taydec, when will you join us? It was very good to have Richard out with us again in his E-type, domestic issues having interfered with his racing last year, and also Dominic, once again enjoying his Crossle, which Paul Somerville drove in the Allcomers. Paul’s G4’s engine sadly didn’t survive being dynoed, but he will be out with us later in the season. We were visited by Mark Bowd, another new member, who has a GT40. He had entered for Mallory, but also suffered a setback owing to an out-of-balance flywheel. Mark will be out at Brands; be nice to him as it will be his first race! Martin (Taydec) Charles (Westfield 11) Ken (Mamba) and (G20) and Cheng (Cobra) completed the SRGT entry.

Though only 8 registered SRGT cars were out, the combined grid - SRGT plus Kitcars plus a few invitees, totaled 23 cars, which made for two busy races. Cheng was SRGT winner of the first race, coming in second overall to prolific champion Jon Milicevic. Jon is, fortunately as I understand, likely to be a rare visitor to the Kitcar Championship in his Caterham 7, these having been allowed to race this year in an effort to swell their numbers. As his was the only 7 out yesterday it probably hasn’t made much difference. Worth a try, though. Ken, Matt and Ian were respectively winners of classes B,C and D.

Though the class winners were the same, the second race was a very different story. A brief but heavy rain shower left the newly resurfaced track greasy and treacherous, the two previous races both being red-flagged and restarted. Kitcar champion and poleman Andy Hiley quickly opened up a huge lead, but within a couple of laps our Matt moved up into second place from 14th on the grid, and began to chase him down. A tremendous drive gave him fastest lap and well-deserved SRGT honours, and had he been better positioned on the grid he would surely have been the outright winner. Well done to him and his team - a very well set up car, beautifully driven. I confidently predict this won’t be Matt’s only win this season.

Now guys you need to get your Brands entries in QUICKLY; Chris Norman, who has taken over from Robin Knight, has warned me that we may have a full grid, so enter now. We want to see plenty of SRGT cars out there – you’ve registered now come and race! At Mallory the catering section (many thanks Alistair) provided fried egg and bacon rolls as well as coffee, tea and biscuits, though lack of access to power meant the coffee making relied on Calor gas. I hope at Brands we’ll be able to hook up to the National Grid and the urn will be operational. We’ll try to do bacon butties again, but no promises. Look for our awning with the SRGT banner: THE place to meet for news, views, advice and techie talk. Some of you have to collect your free SRTC race holdalls too, how much more exciting can it get?

Best wishes


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